December 4, 2020

TRUE function in Google Sheet

The TRUE function returns the logical value TRUE in both Excel & Google Sheet. It doesn’t take any input arguments.


In the example below, TRUE function is used in evaluating a condition. In this example, since the condition is met as the content of cell A2 is 50 and 50>0 as well as 50<100. So it makes both arguments of AND function as 1. The AND function returns TRUE which in turn triggers TRUE() function inside IF and results TRUE in cell B2.

If the condition would not met, it simply returns “Reject” as the result.

Notes :

  • =TRUE and =TRUE() both would return the same logical value as TRUE.
  • In terms of value, a FALSE is a 0 and a TRUE is a 1 in Excel. 

For example: =FALSE+TRUE would be 1 and =TRUE+TRUE would be 2

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