June 14, 2021

TEXT Function in Google Sheet

Excel TEXT function is used to convert a number to text format and display it in a specified format in both Excel & Google Sheet.

=TEXT(value, text_format)
Input Arguments :
  • value –  the number that you need to convert into text.
  • text_format – the format in which you want to display the converted text.

In below example we have used TEXT function to convert the number in cell A2 into text and showing the same in format “0.00” in cell B2.

As you can see the value in cell A2 is in number format hence right aligned and the value in cell B2 is in text format hence left aligned. In the next example we used TEXT function along with ‘&’ operator to merge the converted text with a following space and the text in B2.

Note :

  • The numbers are converted to text, hence can not be used in calculations.

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