October 20, 2021

RANDBETWEEN function in Excel

In Excel we can use RANDBETWEEN() function to generate the random number in a specified range. Like here in cell A2 we have used RANDBETWEEN() function to generate random number between 20 to 50. 

 =RANDBETWEEN(lower range, upper range)

You can create the list of random numbers in a specified range by dragging or copy paste the formula as follows.

RANDBETWEEN is a volatile function. This means that the result of this function keeps on changing based on the recalculation settings specified for the Excel. In Excel you can specify the Re-Calculation setting with the below process.

  • Go to ‘Formulas’ Menu
  • Click ‘Calculation Options’

Another process to navigate to the same option is as follows.

  • Click on the Microsoft icon on the top left corner of the workbook. Then Click ‘Excel Options’.

  • Here go to ‘Formulas’ screen and under ‘Calculation options’ group you can choose the option you need for workbook recalculation as follows.

  • With both of the above mentioned processes you will find the below three options to choose for your workbook calculation.
      • Automatic – In this process Excel will recalculate all formulas in all open workbooks every time when you open the workbook or with any change in formula.
      • Automatic Except for data tables – Data table in excel is designed to do multiple calculations of the workbook. With this option, excel will automatically recalculate all dependent formulas except data tables.
      • Manual –  With this option excel will only recalculate if you force recalculate by pressing the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + F9 / Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F9 / Shift + F9. The force recalculation can also be done manually in all open worksheets by clicking ‘Calculate Now’ in ‘Calculation’ group under ‘Formulas’ menu. There is another option as ‘Calculate Sheet’ to recalculate only in the active worksheet.

Note : 

  • There can be duplicate random numbers generated while using the same RANDBETWEEN() function for multiple cells.

Check here to learn the RANDBETWEEN function in Google Sheet.

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