December 3, 2020

NOT function in Google Sheet

NOT function is used when you want to reverse the value of a logical argument (TRUE/FALSE) in both Excel & Google Sheet. It returns TRUE/FALSE which is the reverse of the logical argument used within the NOT function.


Input Arguments :

  • logical – A value or expression that is evaluated to TRUE or FALSE.

In below example the A2=5 and A3=10. So A2>A3 is FALSE. 

NOT function reverses it and returns TRUE in cell B2.

Note :

In Excel, 0 denotes FALSE and any other number(positive or negative) denotes TRUE. While using with numbers, the NOT function converts 0 (which is FALSE) to TRUE and any other number to FALSE. For example,

=NOT(0) returns TRUE

=NOT(1) returns FALSE

=NOT(2) returns FALSE

=NOT(500) returns FALSE

=NOT(-23) returns FALSE

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