August 2, 2021

ISBLANK function in Google Sheet

In this lesson we will learn how the ISBLANK function works in Google Sheet. The ISBLANK function is used to check if any cell is empty in Google Sheet.

  • cell_ref : This is the cell to check for empty

The ISBLANK function returns TRUE if the specified cell is empty else returns FALSE.

Let’s understand with a simple example. Below we have a table containing a list of students in a Motor training school and the miles driven by each one on a serial basis.

Column A contains student names and column B contains the miles driven. There are empty and non empty cells in column A & B.

Now we have added the below formula in cell D2. It will check if the cell A2 is empty. In the following cells in column D the formula has been dragged to update the reference of the respective cells in column A. Same way we have used this formula in column E to display the empty or not empty status for the corresponding cells in column B.


As you can see below, the column D & E shows TRUE/FALSE values based on the empty or non empty values in cells in column A and B respectively.

In our last example we will see the ISBLANK returns TRUE only if the cell is empty. But if a cell contains a blank space(” “) then it won’t be considered as empty cell and the value returned by ISBLANK function is FALSE.

See below the cell A2 is empty and the cell A3 contains blank space(” “). So the ISBLANK function in cell B2 returns TRUE for cell A2 and the ISBLANK function in cell B2 returns FALSE for cell B3.

You can check here to understand how the ISBLANK function works in Excel.

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