July 31, 2021

How to wrap text in Google Sheet

In this lesson we will learn different ways of wrapping a text in google sheet. Let’s start with a simple example as follows.

We have added the below text in a cell in Google sheet.

Now to wrap this text first select the cell containing the text you need to wrap and then go to ‘Format’ menu. 

You will find the sub menu as ‘Text wrapping’ there, under which there will be three text wrapping options available.

  • Overflow – This means no wrap. The data in the cell if not fits then it will be overflown to the next cell and displayed in a single line.
  • Wrap – The text is adjusted to fit within the cell by breaking into multiple lines. The row height can be increased automatically but the cell or column width will be same.
  • Clip – This will also not wrap the text but the text will not be overflown to the next cell. The part of text which fits in the boundary of the cell is only visible even though the entire text exists in the cell.

In case of our example above, Overflow is selected as default text wrapping option. We selected Wrap. Now see how the text looks as follows.

Now we will learn another way of changing the text wrapping. First select the cell containing the text and click the Text Wrapping icon available in the toolbar of the Google sheet.

Here also three text wrapping options available starting from left Overflow, Wrap & Clip.

Now we chose Clip from here. See below how the text looks in Clip text wrapping option.

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