October 20, 2021

How to work on Google sheets without anyone knowing?

In this lesson we will know how to work with a google sheet which is not visible to others except the owner. First let’s see how to open a new google sheet file.

  • To open the google sheet in google chrome browser you can fist open a new tab and then click the google apps icon at the top right corner. Otherwise in any web browser you can search the keyword ‘Google sheet’ over internet and you will get the link to launch Google Sheet.
  • Then the list of Google Apps will appear. There you can scroll down a bit and find the app named ‘Sheets’.

  • Click on the ‘Sheets’ app. You will be landing to the below screen for Google Sheet. You will find the list of all the Google sheets you have created or viewed here. Also if you want to create a new Google Spreadsheet, you need to click on the leftmost box named ‘Blank’ with a plus symbol at the top row.

  • Now let’s launch a new blank Google worksheet. And there click the ‘Share’ button at the top right corner of the Google Sheet.

  • The below pane will appear. Here in top panel only the email id for the owner will be displayed and in the bottom panel it has been mentioned by default as this file is Restricted. Only people added can open with this link. It means if you are not adding the email ids of anyone else in the top panel or you are not providing the link of this google sheet file to somebody else, nobody can view or even know about this file and only you can work with this Google Sheet.

You can also check here to know about different options to share a Google sheet with others.

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