June 14, 2021

How to transpose in Google Sheet

In this lesson we will learn how to transpose in Google sheet. Transpose means converting the rows of a table into columns and the columns to rows.

Let’s understand the transpose functionality in Google sheet with a simple example as follows.

We have a table containing different phases of setting up an office along with the start date and duration of each phase.

Now to transpose the above table first select the entire table and copy the same.

Then select the cell where you want to place the transposed data. And then right click and go to ‘Paste special’ and click ‘Paste transposed’.

As you can see below the table has been transposed perfectly. The rows have been converted to columns and the columns to rows.

There is another way to transpose by using TRANSPOSE function. Let’s transpose our initial table again with this function now.

The data range of our source table is A1:C11. We want the transposed table to be placed in cell A14. Add the below function in cell A14.


As you can see below the source table has been transposed starting from cell A14.

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