January 24, 2022

How to track changes in Google sheet

In this lesson we will learn how to track changes or see version history in Google sheet.

To see the version history click the file menu of the google sheet. Then navigate to ‘Version History’ option and then click ‘See Version History’.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H to open the version history of your google sheet. As you can see below, the version history will be opened at the right side of the Google sheet.

At the top of this pane there is an option ‘Only show named version’ and here by default that is turned off. If you turn it off then only named versions will be displayed here. Since in our google sheet we didn’t save any version with a name so to track all changes we need to keep this option turned off.

Now if you want to restore a particular version then first click the version from this list and then ‘Restore this version’ button will appear on top of the sheet. Click the same and the respective version will be restored.

As you can notice there is a checkbox ‘Show changes’ below the version history. It is selected by default. As you can see below, since the checkbox is selected the changes can be tracked by clicking the up and down arrows available at the top right corner of the sheet. If you unselect this ‘Show changes’ checkbox, changes cannot be tracked for this particular version.

Now let’s see how you can name a version. To do that click the three vertical dots beside a particular version you want to name. Then click the option ‘Name this version’.

Now you can enter the name you want for this version. See below, here we have named this version as ‘My version’.

After adding name you can again click the three vertical dots beside that particular version and choose the respective option to rename or remove name for that version.

Now let’s see how we can make a copy of any particular version. In the same way after clicking the three vertical dots beside a particular version you want to make a copy, select the option ‘Make a copy’.

Now enter the name you want in the below pop up. If you want the Google sheet to share with the same people as the original Google sheet file then select the checkbox ‘Share it with the same people’. Now click OK. Another Google sheet will be created with the name you provided that is the copy of that particular version of the original Google sheet.

Any time you can go back to the latest version of your Google sheet by clicking the back button available on the top left of the sheet as follows.

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