July 31, 2021

How to Swap Columns in Google Sheet

In this lesson we will learn how to move and swap columns in Google Sheet.

Move column means the particular column will be moved to the specific destination column and the adjacent columns at the direction of movement will be shifted to fill the old position of the moved column.

The column movement will be considered as swap if the source column will be moved just to it’s adjacent column’s place. In that case as per the above mentioned rule the column next to it will be shifted to the vacant position of the source column which means those two adjacent columns have been swapped. 

Let’s understand this with a simple example. We have the below table containing different products and their category along with the rate, unit to be delivered and the total price for each product.

Now we will move the column C that is the Total Price to column E.

To do that first Click the column header C to select it. The cursor should convert to a hand. Then hold the C column header with the left mouse button and drag the same over column E.

Now as you can see the updated column alignment is now as follows. The adjacent columns from the right of column C have been shifted left.

Total Price – Has been moved from column C to E

Rate Per Pound – Previously was column D – Now shifted in column C

Unit(in pound) – Previously was column E – Now shifted in column D

Now let’s swap between column C and D. Here we have selected the column D and once the mouse pointer became a hand, we dragged the column D over column C.

Now the column C has been shifted to it’s right that is at the place of column D which means the column C & D have been swapped since they were adjacent.

In this way we can move multiple columns as well. Below we have selected columns C,D & E and once the cursor became hand, dragged the three selected columns together over column B.

As you can see below the entire set of columns C,D and E have been shifted left and the column B that is Category has been moved to the place of column E. It can be considered as a swap between column B and the block of columns C,D and E.

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