October 21, 2021

How to see the average of the numbers in a row/column in excel

If you want to calculate the arithmetic mean of a set of numbers , you can use excel’s average function. In the below example we have some samples and their scanning times.We want to calculate the average scanning time.

  • Now go to ‘Formula’ tab.Select ‘AutoSum’ dropdown. Click on ‘Average’.

  • Range is automatically selected .You can update as well.

  • Click on ‘Enter’ on the keyboard. Average is automatically calculated.

  • There is an alternate way to check the Average of the numbers in a row/column or in a selected area of a worksheet containing multiple rows & columns. In this process first select the cells containing numbers for which you need the average and then right click on the status bar of the excel workbook.
  • Then Select Average. You can see the average value is displayed in the status bar as in the following example we found the average of the Medal counts in column B for all students.

  •  In this approach, once you select the average in status bar option, from next time onwards, even after closing and reopening the excel file, you only need to select the row column range from which you have to find the average of the numbers in the status bar.

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