January 24, 2022

How to remove Gridlines in Google Sheet

In this lesson we will learn about the process of removing Gridlines from a Google sheet.

Let’s start with a simple example as follows.

First open a Google sheet. For clear understanding we have added the below table in our google sheet. Now as you can see the gridlines have been applied in all cells by default. Gridlines help us to segregate the cells with a better visibility.

Now we want to remove the gridlines from the entire sheet. To do that click ‘View’ in the menu bar and you will find the option Gridlines selected by default. Click on the same to unselect.

Here the sheet looks like follows after removing the gridlines.

Now let’s learn how to add borders in the table in Google sheet. This will also help us to understand that we can anyway add borders for a section of google sheet consisting of a couple of cells in our desired area of the sheet. Like here we want to add borders in our table only. And the area outside of our table we want that to be full white and entire blank. To add borders for the table first select the table and in the toolbar click on Borders icon and then select desired type of border. Here we have chosen all borders for our table.

Now see below how the table with all borders looks in a google sheet with no gridlines.

To bring the gridlines back in this google sheet the process is same as described above. You just need to select the option ‘GridLines’ under the ‘View’ menu of the google sheet.

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