October 21, 2021

How to remove blank rows from a table in Excel

If you want to delete the blank rows from a table in excel then below are the simple steps to be followed.

Step 1 : First select the entire table(Here to make it easier, we have shown the example with a table having one column only).

Step 2 : Click the ‘Filter’ icon available in the menu bar as follows.

Step 3 : Click Filter

Step 4: Now the filter icon is available beside all column headers. For any column of the table, click the same and uncheck ‘Select All’. It will uncheck all values under it. Then scroll down to the last of the list and select only ‘Blanks’. Click OK.

Step 5: Then only black rows will be displayed in the table.

Step 6: Select the blank rows. Right click -> Delete Row

Step 7 : Now again click on the filter icon beside the same column header and check ‘Select All’. All values under it should be checked by this.

Step 8: Here comes all non-blank rows.

This is optional – You can select the entire table once again and do step 2 & 3 to remove the filter icon beside all column headers if you need.

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