June 14, 2021

How to multiply in Google Sheet

In this lesson we will learn how to multiply in Google Sheet with a simple example. Let’s say we have two numbers in cell A1 and B1 as follows.

In cell C1 we will multiply the values in A1 & B1 with the below formula.


After entering the formula you need to press enter key to get the result.

Now let’s do some more multiplication between each cell in column A and the respective cell in column B.

To do that first select the very first cell containing the formula which is here cell C1. Now place your mouse pointer to the down right corner of that cell and you will see the cursor will convert to plus(+) as follows.

Now drag the cursor till the cell you need to copy the formula. Here we have dragged the cursor till cell C5.

As you can see below each cell in column C contains the multiplication of the corresponding cells of column A & B. Here we have seen we can multiply any kind of numbers like two integers, two decimal numbers, one integer and one decimal numbers and also negative and positive numbers as well.

In case of decimal numbers you can increase or decrease the decimal digits you want to display from the options available in Google Sheet toolbar.

At the end of this lesson we will see multiplication of more than two cells and also the use of multiplication in combination with other mathematical operators.

In cell C1 we have used the below formula and see the result as follows.


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