August 2, 2021

How to make a Google sheet file as view only

In this lesson we will learn to protect a Google sheet file and also the process of making a Google Sheet file as View Only.

To do that follow the below steps.

  • Open the Google sheet file and Go to ‘Data’ menu
  • Now click ‘Protected sheets and ranges’

  • Now click ‘Add a sheet or range’ in the panel appeared at the right side of the Google Sheet.

  • Now you can find there are 2 options available to protect sheet or range. First we will see how to protect a range. The Range is selected below and under Range we have provide the range as ‘Sheet10!A1:C11’. We have also entered a name for this protection in the text box as ‘Cell range restriction’.
  • Now click ‘Set Permission’

  • Here you can select ‘Show a warning when editing this range’. After that when you try to edit the specific cell range we will get the below warning message. If you want to stop showing this warning for 5 minutes you can select the respective checkbox there and click OK.

  • Here we have selected the other option as ‘Restrict who can edit this range’. By default ‘Only You’ has been selected. You can choose other options from the list as ‘Custom’ or ‘Copy permissions from another range’.

  • Now here in this step if you select to restrict as only you can edit this range then this range will be view only for others. If you would have selected sheet at the beginning in place of range then you could make the entire sheet as view only for everybody else except you in the same way.
  • In case of sheet you can also make the if you would like to grant edit permission to somebody else in addition to you then select custom here. You can add the id for other users in ‘Add editors’ box. And then click ‘Done’.

  • You will see the protection you have added is appearing in the right panel as follows.

  • And now if you try to edit the mentioned range that is A1:C11 in sheet 10, you and the other person you have provided access will get the warning message as follows and after clicking ‘OK’ you will be able to edit but people with no access won’t be able to edit anything the specified range at all.

  • Now let’s see how it works when we select a sheet to protect. Here we have selected the Sheet 9 from the dropdown of all sheets present in the current google sheet file.

  • After that you can click ‘Set Permission’ or if you want to exclude some cells or range of cells then select the checkbox ‘Except Certain cells’. Then you can add one or more than one range by clicking ‘Add another range’ and select ‘OK’ once you are done. Then Click ‘Set Permission’.

  • After that in the same way you can provide permissions as you need with the process mentioned earlier.

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