August 2, 2021

How to insert a function in an excel worksheet

Let’s say we have the below table containing monthly expenses of a family for 6 months.

  • In cell D3 we need to find the total expenses of 6 months by adding those using the appropriate function in excel. First select the cell.
  • Then press keyboard shortcut Shift+F3
  • The ‘Insert Function’ pane appears.

  • Here we can select the desired category from the list of available categories in the dropdown and then select the required function.
  • We can also find the intended function by writing the brief description of the operation we need to do in the search box and then click Go. Then the list of recommended functions will be appeared. You can choose the correct one and click OK.

  • Another option to open the ‘Insert Function’ pane is to click ‘Insert Function’ option under the ‘Formula’ menu or select the required function from the Function Library group under ‘Formula’ menu.

  • Upon selection the function and click OK in the ‘Insert Function’ pane, now the Function Arguments pane will appear for the respective function where you need to provide the arguments as required for your function and click OK to get the result.

  • See the result of the SUM function used in our example.

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