January 24, 2022

How to Hide/unhide the selected columns in excel

For Example we have a table containing the death count of animals over 6 months of the year 2020 in Kanha Reserve Forest.

  • Let’s say we need to Hide columns D and G. Just select those columns and press Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+0 to hide the selected columns. See below the column D between columns C & E and the column G between columns F & H have been hidden.

  • Now to unhide the hidden columns, select the entire table and press keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+0(If it doesn’t work you can try Alt+O+C+U). This will unhide all columns in any section of the table. If you need to unhide only a certain column then select the columns before and after the hidden column and then unhide.

  • The alternative process to hide/unhide columns is first select the columns and right click and then choose Hide / Unhide operations to hide/unhide the selected columns as below.

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