August 2, 2021

How to get the minimum/maximum number in a row/column in excel

Let’s say we have a table containing certain number of students and their rank in an University entrance exam.

Now to see the highest and the lowest ranks, please follow the below process.

  • Select the rank column of the table
  • Right click on the status bar
  • Check Maximum and Minimum

  • As you can see the minimum and maximum rank is displayed in the status bar.

Note : 

  1. This way we can get the minimum and maximum number in a row or in a column or in a selected area of a worksheet containing multiple rows & columns. Only the cells containing numbers are being considered.
  2. The cells containing any kind of numbers like integer, decimal etc. are valid for this process.
  3. Once you select the Minimum  and Maximum in status bar option, from next time onwards you only need to select the row column range from which you have to find the minimum and maximum value in the status bar.
  4. Selected status bar option is applicable for the entire excel file means in all worksheets the Minimum and Maximum value will be displayed in the status bar upon selection of the cells containing numbers.

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