January 24, 2022

How to enter details in a Google Sheet created by someone else?

In this lesson we will understand the process of entering details in a google sheet created by other user. To edit the google sheet created by someone else, below are the preconditions to be met.

  • The Google sheet should be shared with you.
  • Edit access should be provided to you by the owner of the google sheet

Now let’s understand how the google sheet can be shared with you.┬áTo share a Google sheet the below process should be followed.

  • Click the ‘Share’ button at the top right corner of the Google Sheet.

  • The below pane will appear. Here if you want to share this google sheet with more people except you then you can add the email ids for them in the top panel.
  • If you want to share with anyone who will have the link of this google sheet then click ‘ Change to anyone with the link’ in the bottom panel.
  • You can get the link of this Google sheet by clicking ‘Copy Link’ in the bottom panel of the below pane.

  • If you are going for the option to share this google sheet to anyone who has the link then you can also control the access level for them by selecting Viewer/Commenter/Editor from the following dropdown.
  • As you can understand by name, with Viewer access, the people having the link can only view this google sheet but cannot comment or edit.
  • With Commenter access, the people having the link can only view & comment to this google sheet but cannot edit.
  • With Editor access, the people having the link can view, comment & edit this google sheet.

  • The same access levels you can also specify for the individuals if you are sharing the google sheet with email ids.
  • Here you can see there is a checkbox ‘Notify people’. It is selected by default. It means once you are done with adding email ids of the people you want to share this google sheet and then click ‘Send’, the people will receive the email notification. If you don’t want them to receive email notification, you can uncheck this ‘Notify people’ checkbox.

  • Finally you can click the ‘Done’ button available in the pane to share the google sheet based on your selection.

Click here to check more detail on sharing a Google sheet file.

  • Now you(all shared users) will get the google sheet link like this – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/abcd1234/edit?usp=sharing.
  • Once you open the google sheet link shared with you, if you have editor access, you should be able to enter your data in the google sheet. The data you enter will be automatically saved in google sheet provided you have an active internet connection. The data entered in the google sheet can be lost if the internet connection is interrupted. Now if you close the google sheet, you will be able to reopen the same with the same link or you can also open the Google sheet app with the below process. In both ways the google sheet file will be opened with the latest data entered by you and other shared users.

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  • In google chrome browser you can fist open a new tab and then click the google apps icon at the top right corner. Otherwise in any web browser you can search the keyword ‘Google sheet’ over internet and you will get the link to launch Google Sheet.
  • Then the list of Google Apps will appear. There you can scroll down a bit and find the app named ‘Sheets’.

  • Click on the ‘Sheets’ app. You will be landing to the below screen for Google Sheet. Here you will find the list of all the Google sheets you have created or worked so far. Also if you want to create a new Google Spreadsheet, you need to click on the leftmost box named ‘Blank’ with a plus symbol at the top row. Else the google sheet created by others and shared with you can also be opened by clicking the respective google sheet file from the list. You can also filter the list for the google sheet files owned by you/owned by anyone/not owned by you as follows.

  • You can also filter the list of the google sheet files with title or last modified or last modified by you or last opened by you as follows.

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