July 31, 2021

How to create Trendline in Excel

For example we have a scatter chart representing the number of death vs the count of newborn for different types of animals in a reserve forest for an year.

We can add a trendline in our scatter chart to estimate future values. Now to add trendline in this chart please follow the below steps.

  1. Click on anywhere of the chart. A ‘+’ symbol will appear adjacent to the chart containing the list of chart elements you can include/exclude as per your need.  
  2. Here select the ‘Trendline’ available in the list of chart elements.
  3. The default Trendline added is of type ‘Linear’. But you can add other type of trendlines as well as per your requirement by clicking on the right arrow beside Trendline and selecting the option accordingly.

4. Now Right Click on the Trendline you just created. If you need to format your trendline like applying the color of your choice then you can do it from ‘Outline’. For more Formatting options you can click on ‘Format Trendline’.

5. Below is how our Trendline looks like. The demonstrated process of adding Trendline is same for all kinds of graphs and charts in excel.

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