August 2, 2021

How to create Combination Chart in Excel

Let’s say we have the below dataset in the table. It contains the count of Death and Newborn occurred for different animal species in a reserve forest for an year.

Now to create the Combination Chart  based on the above table please follow the below steps.

  1. Select the entire table(A1:C8)
  2. Click the insert tab in menu bar
  3. In the Chart group, click the ‘Insert Combo Chart’ icon

4. Select the chart style as ‘Clustered Column – Line’ Under Combo. This graph is the combination of Clustered Column Chart and Line Chart.

5. The chart will look like below. The X-axis which is the horizontal axis shows the Animal and the Y-axis which is the vertical axis shows the count of Death/Newborn . 

In this Combo Chart, the Clustered Column Chart is made for Animal vs Death count and the Line chart has been made for Animal vs Newborn count.  It can be understood by the Legend(color codes) down the chart. You can edit the Chart Title on top of the chart as we edited the chart title as “Clustered Column – Line Combo Chart “.

6. Now if you would like to change the combination like you might need the Clustered Column Chart to be made for Animal vs Newborn count and the Line chart to be made for Animal vs Death count,you need to right click on the Chart or the Line or Clustered Column. Then Click on ‘Change Chart Type’ or ‘Change Series Chart Type’ which ever available.

7. Now here we can change the chart type as desired. We can select the required chart type from the drop down adjacent to ‘Death’ and ‘Newborn’ or we can also shift to some other kind of combo chart options available from the top.

8. Like here we have reversed the Chart type for Death and Newborn as follows.

9. Here we have selected a different kind of available Combo chart type as ‘Clustered Column- Line on Secondary Axis’.

10. Here as you can see the gridlines are representing the range like 25-30, 20-25 etc. These ranges are with respect to the Line Chart as the Secondary Axis for NewBorn is checked.

11. Here is another type of Combo Chart Selected as ‘Stacked Area – Clustered Column’ under Insert Combo Chart in the Chart Group of Insert tab.

12. In this Combo Chart, the Stacked Area Chart is made for Animal vs Death count and the Clustered Column Chart has been made for Animal vs Newborn count.

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