August 2, 2021

How to Create a Clustered Column Chart in Excel

Often you have a requirement to show graphs/charts when you generate some reports.

In the below example we want to show a Clustered Column chart on the six months sales report of Product A and Product B.

Below are the steps to create a Clustered Column chart:

1) Go to ‘Insert’–> ‘Recommended Charts’.

2) Hover the mouse over the chart icons.

3) Click on ‘Clustered Column Chart’ icon.

4) A blank frame will appear in worksheet to hold the Clustered Column chart.

5) Right click on that frame and choose the option for ‘Select Data’.

7) Click text box of ‘Chart data range’.

8) Drag and select the data range on which you want that bar chart to be generated.

9) To add legend with the Clustered Column chart, click on the plus symbol appears left top corner of the chart. Check the ‘Legend’ checkbox.

Click Here to check the 3D Clustered Column Chart in Excel.

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