January 24, 2022

How to create 100% Stacked Column Chart in Excel

Let’s say we have the below dataset in the table. It contains the number of sales of the keyboard in 4 consecutive years in 2 metro cities in India.

Now to create the 100% Stacked Column Chart  based on the above table please follow the below steps.

  1. Select the entire table(A1:C5)
  2. Click the insert tab in menu bar
  3. In the Chart group, click the ‘Insert Column or Bar Chart’ icon

4. Select the chart style as ‘100% Stacked Column’ Under 2-D Column.

5. The chart will look like below.  The X-axis which is the horizontal axis shows the year and the Y-axis which is the vertical axis shows the overall trend in the proportion of keyboard sale percentage for each city. For example, we can see that the keyboard sale percentage in Kolkata to overall sales increased in 2017 but then decreased in 2018.

You can also visually deduce that the keyboard sale percentage in Delhi is 40% and 60% in Kolkata of the overall sales in 2017.You can edit the Chart Title on top of the chart as we edited the chart title as “100% Stacked Column Chart”.

6. The color codes for Kolkata and Delhi sale count variations are mentioned just below the 100% Stacked Column Chart. If you change the order of the columns, the order of plotting colors in the 100% Stacked Column Chart will also change(see below).

Note :
  • We must NOT provide any column header for the leftmost column of the table which we need to display as X-axis in the 100% Stacked Column Chart. 
  • This chart doesn’t give you the trend of the absolute value for sale count. For example, if the proportion of sale in Delhi increased based on the overall sale, it doesn’t mean the actual sale count in Delhi has been increased. It can be like the actual sale count in Delhi has been decreased but the actual value of Kolkata Sale count has been decreased more than Delhi hence the proportion of sale in Delhi to the overall sale becomes higher than Kolkata.
  • Click here to check the 3D form of 100% Stacked Column Chart.

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