October 21, 2021

How to Apply or remove strikethrough in excel

We have the below table in a worksheet consisting of 3 rows containing the list of fruits and vegetables to be purchased by a restaurant from market in three days of every week.

  • Now let’s say we don’t need to purchase any fruits in day 1 for a certain week. So we need to strike through the cell C2.

To do that first select the cell and press keyboard shortcut


  • Now we don’t need “Potato” in day 2. To strike through Potato only in cell B3 first select the text “Potato” (Not the entire cell B3). Then you can press the keyboard shortcut as mentioned above or the alternate way to strike through described in the next example.

  • Now we need the entire row for day 3 to strike through. Apart from using the keyboard shortcut as described above here is another way of strike through. First select the entire row A4:C4 and then open Font Settings by either using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F or in the Home menu click the down right arrow under Font group.

  • Check ‘Strikethrough’ in the Font tab and click OK.

  • Here we have learnt several ways to Strike through a single cell, multiple cells like the entire row or column and only a certain portion of the content of a cell in Excel.

  • Using the same process or same keyboard shortcut you can remove the strike through as well.

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