August 2, 2021

How to add table border in excel

Let’s say we have the below table containing certain number of students and their rank in a University entrance exam.

Now To add border in this table please follow the below process.

  1. In the ‘Font’ group in Home tab, you will get the icon to add border.

2. First select the entire table

3. Now click the Border icon. A predefined list of different types of border styles will appear. 

4. Now from the list of borders available let’s select ‘All Borders’.

5. See below, the border has been applied to the entire table.

6. Now let’s apply ‘Thick Outside Border’ upon selecting the table.

7. See below How does the table look after applying Thick Outside border.

8. In this way you can add any border style of your choice and you can remove all borders by selecting the table and choose ‘No Border’ from the list as follows.

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