January 24, 2022

How to add Signature in Outlook

Adding Signature in outlook is a very useful feature. Once you add a signature in outlook, you don’t need to add your signature manually in each and every email you send from outlook.

  • Open Outlook and click on File Menu.

  • Now click Options

  • Now go to Mail and click Signatures

  • Now click New and provide a name of your signature. Here we named it as ‘my_sig’. Then click OK.

  • Edit the signature you have just created(‘my_sig’ in this case). In Edit Signature section you can write your signature and format the size with different size, color & style with the available formatting options.

  • Now Select the signature you have created for New Messages and Replies/forwards as per your need. Once you are done then click OK.

  • Remember you can create multiple signatures by again clicking New and repeating the entire process and you can select different signatures like one for new messages and another one for replies/forwards.

Like here I have created another signature named as ‘Original Sig’. And selected ‘my_sig’ for New Messages and ‘Original Sig’ for Replies/forwards.

  • Now click ‘New Email’ available in Home Menu

  • Now for the new message, the signature in ‘my_sig’ will appear in your mail body.

  • Now right click on any email in your inbox and Reply/Reply All/Forward.

  • In your replied or forwarded email body the signature in ‘Original Sig’ will appear.

Follow the same steps to navigate to your signature to delete or modify the same any number of times.

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