October 21, 2021

How to add Percentage(Data Callout) as data label in a Pie Chart

For Example we have a 3-D Pie Chart showing the Flood relief fund expenses for each category as follows.

To add  Percentage(Data Callout) as data label in this chart please follow the below steps.

  1. Click anywhere of this chart
  2. The ‘+’ symbol will appear adjacent to the chart. Click the same.
  3. List of Chart Elements will be displayed. From here you can include or exclude different chart elements as per your requirement.
  4. Here you will find the chart element named ‘Data Labels’
  5. Click on the right arrow beside the same to open more options on ‘Data Labels’
  6. Now Click on ‘Data Callout’. This will add the proportionate percentage value as data label for each of the categories in this 3-D Pie Chart.

7. After that you can click on Center/Inside End/Outside End and so on to set the position of your data label.

8. To remove the data label you can uncheck the ‘Data Labels’ in Chart Elements.

9. If you just select the ‘Data Label’ in Chart Elements then by default the value for each category in the pie chart as provided in the table will be displayed in data label. The percentage will only appear if you click ‘Data Callout’.

10. The demonstrated process of adding percentage is the same for Pie and Doughnut charts. For other charts like line chart or area chart, Data Callout can be added but that won’t add the data labels as percentage. For Example we have a Line chart showing the keyboard sale count variation in 2 cities, Delhi and Kolkata.

11. Now Adding ‘Data Callout’ will add the data labels containing the value from X & Y axis like the combination of year and the sale count for each country as data label in this line chart as follows.

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