July 31, 2021

How to add Gridline color in a Line Chart or Area Chart in Excel

For example, we have a line chart showing the keyboard sale count variation in 2 cities, Delhi and Kolkata.

To color the gridlines in this chart please follow the below steps

  1. Right click on the gridlines area in the chart
  2. Here you can select color for the gridlines from the ‘Outline’ Option. Alternatively you can click ‘Format Gridlines’.

3. Formatting options for Gridlines will appear in right hand side of the worksheet

4. There you can choose color for gridlines as per your requirement. Here we have chosen red color for gridlines.

5. In case you need to open the formatting options related to the section of your graph you need to format from a different formatting options panel, you can click on the down arrow beside Options and select the Formatting options for your required section. For example here we are navigating to Gridlines formatting Options(Vertical Axis Major Gridlines) from Plot Area Formatting Options.

Note :
  • The demonstrated process of adding gridline color is same for stacked line chart, 100% stacked line chart, Area chart, stacked area chart and so on.

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