July 31, 2021

How to add different icons like plus sign and tick & cross marks in Excel

In this lesson first we will learn how to add plus sign to the numbers in excel. In our below example we have the list of players vs  points acquired in a game show. The points can be positive and negative.

Now we need to add plus sign (+) before all positive points. 

  • To Do that first select the cells B2:B10 for which you need to add plus sign
  • Now right click and ‘Format Cells’

  • Then Click ‘Custom’ and in Type enter +0;-0;0 as follows. And then click OK.

  • As you can see below the Plus(+) symbol has been added for all positive numbers. For negative numbers as we have already added the Minus(-) sign before manually, those are not changed.

Next we will learn how to put tick mark or cross mark in Excel. We will use the same example of player vs points acquired in a game show. Here we will pass the players with positive points for next level hence we will put tick mark in next column beside every positive cell and add cross mark beside every negative cell.

  • First select one cell where you need to put tick or cross mark.
  • Now click on Insert tab in the menu bar and then click on ‘Symbol’ in the Symbols group in the toolbar.
  • Now in symbols tab select the Font as ‘Wingdings’
  • You will find the tick mark cross mark in different styles as follows.
  • Click any one of that and Insert. Then Close.

  • Repeat the above step or copy paste to add tick or cross mark for all cells as follows.

  • Other than tick and cross marks there are several other symbols available upon selection of different Font and subset in the Symbol pane.
  • In the symbol pane there is another tab named special characters. From there we can add the list of special characters available as Copyright, Registered, Trademark and so on.

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