January 24, 2022

How to add data Labels in a Graph or Chart in excel

We will use here a pie chart to demonstrate the process of adding data label. In our example, the pie chart shows the Flood relief fund expenses for each category. By default the Pie Chart looks like below without Data label.

Please follow the below steps to add data labels in the chart.  This process is same to data data label for any chart like Line chart, bar chart, area chart and so on.

  1. Click on the Pie Chart and then click on the ‘+’ symbol appeared. 
  2. From here you can modify the chart elements like Chart Title, data Labels and Legends. 
  3. By Default data label is unchecked. You can check the data label and choose the position of data label you want to be displayed like Center, Inside End, Outside End and so on options available. Here we have chosen the data label to be displayed at outside end.

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