January 24, 2022

How to add axis title in line/area chart in excel

For example, we have a line chart showing the keyboard sale count variation in 2 cities, Delhi and Kolkata.

  • To add axis titles, first select the chart.
  • Then click on the ‘+’ symbol which will open the Chart Element Box. Here you can see the ‘Axis Titles’ checkbox. By default it’s not selected. Once you select the same, the axis title text boxes will appear for X-axis and Y-axis in the chart.

  • If you want to add the axis title only for a single axis then you can click on the right arrow beside ‘Axis Titles’. There 2 additional checkboxes will appear. You can select one from there to add only vertical/horizontal axis title.

  • You can rename the axis titles by clicking on it & edit as below.

Note :
  • The demonstrated process of adding axis title is same for stacked line chart, 100% stacked line chart, Area chart, stacked area chart, 100% area chart and so on.

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