January 24, 2022

How to add Alternating Colors in a table in Google Sheet

In this lesson we will learn about adding alternating Colours in the rows of a table in Google Sheet. We have the below table containing the start date and duration for each phase along with the daily expense for building an office.

Now let’s apply alternating colours for the rows in our table in the following process.

  • Select the entire table.
  • Under ‘Format’ menu click ‘Alternating Colours’

  • You can choose your own colours from the custom styles in Alternating Colours Pane. Here we have chosen Green and Yellow as alternating colours. Click Done.

As you can see below, the specified alternating colours have been applied for the rows in our table.

  • If you would like to remove the alternating colours from your table, you can do it any time by clicking ‘Remove alternating colours’ in the Alternating colours pane.

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