August 2, 2021

How many version of Google spreadsheet available in market?

In this lesson we will know the basic steps to start working with google sheet and also about the versions of the Google Sheet. Since Google sheet is a free web based product, whenever you will open google sheet in the following way, you will get the latest version of it.

  • To open the google sheet in google chrome browser you can fist open a new tab and then click the google apps icon at the top right corner. Otherwise in any web browser you can search the keyword ‘Google sheet’ over internet and you will get the link to launch Google Sheet.
  • Then the list of Google Apps will appear. There you can scroll down a bit and find the app named ‘Sheets’.

  • Click on the ‘Sheets’ app. You will be landing to the below screen for Google Sheet. You will find the list of all the Google sheets you have created or viewed here. Also if you want to create a new Google Spreadsheet you need to click on the leftmost box named ‘Blank’ with a plus symbol at the top row.

  • Now let’s launch a new blank Google worksheet. And there go to the ‘Help’ menu and click ‘Updates’.

  • Here you will find a pop up containing the features added in latest updates of Google sheets. To know more about the features listed, you can click the same to see the details.

  • Now close this pop up and again go to the ‘Help’ menu of the Google Sheet and now click ‘Privacy Policy’.

  • The below screen will be opened. Here we will find information about the Google Sheet Terms of Service, Technologies, FAQ and so on in different tabs. As you can see below in the ‘Privacy Policy’ tab, the effective from date for the latest version is displayed. You can see of all it’s previous versions by clicking the link ‘Archived Versions’.

  • If you click the ‘Updates’ option at the bottom of the left panel in the ‘Privacy Policy’ tab, You will land on the same page containing the list of current and earlier versions of the google sheet.

  • Here also you can click on any of the past versions or comparison to find more detail and what has been changed to the respective version.

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