November 25, 2020

COUNTA function in Google Sheet

The COUNTA function is used to count the number of non-blank cells within a supplied range of cells or values in both Excel & Google Sheet.

=COUNTA(value1, [value2], …)
  • Here the arguments, value1, [value2], etc., can be values, arrays of values, or references to cell ranges within which you want to count the number of cells that are not empty.
  • The first argument is mandatory. After that there can be up to 255 additional items which are optional. 

In Below example we have used the COUNTA function to count non-Blank cells in each column, in 2 columns and in 5 rows.


  • If cells that contain any type of information including error values, then it is considered as non-empty and counted by COUNTA function.
  • if a cell contains an empty text string or a formula that returns an empty text string, this cell is considered as non-blank and counted by COUNTA function.

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