January 24, 2022

CONCATENATE Function in Google Sheet

CONCATENATE function is used when you want to join 2 or more characters or strings in both Excel & Google Sheet.

=CONCATENATE(item1, [item2], …)

Input Arguments :

  • item1– The first item to concatenate. The item can be a number, text value, or cell reference.
  • [item2], .. – Additional items to join. CONCATENATE function can handle up to 255 items, up to a total of 8,192 characters. Any argument except the first one is optional.

In below example we have concatenated the below cell references along with direct arguments such as space(“ “), Punctuation mark(“,”), Integer (1) and special character(“#”).

A2 – containing text string

B2 – containing Integer

C2 – containing Special Character

D2 – containing Punctuation mark

Now here we will also see how to concatenate cells in Google Sheet

As you can see below there are 2 different content in cell A1 and B1. We have used CONCATENATE function in cell C1 to concatenate the contents of cell A1 & B1 into C1.

If you would like to add something between the content of A1 & B1, then within CONCATENATE function you can add the same as follows. Here we have added couple of space.

In CONCATENATE function the cells can be put in any order and in any number of times. Any kind of characters (including special character) can be concatenated using this function.

Notes :

  • CONCATENATE function can be used to join text, numbers, cell references,special characters or a combination of these items.

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