December 4, 2020

COLUMN function in Google Sheet

The COLUMN Function is used to get the column number of a cell reference in both Excel & Google Sheet. Like COLUMN(F4) will return 6 as the referred cell F4 is in the 6th column of the Google sheet.

  • reference – [optional] A reference to a cell or range of cells. If this argument is omitted, the COLUMN function then returns the column number of the cell in which the formula resides.

In the below example we have added a range of cells(B2:D5) as reference argument of COLUMN function, and it returned the column number as 2 of the left-most column(which is column B that is the 2nd column here) in the specified range.

In below example we used COLUMN function in cell E3 without any argument. So it returned the column number of the current cell which is 5(column C is the 5th column in the Google sheet).

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