October 20, 2021

CHOOSE Function in Excel

In this lesson we will learn how CHOOSE function works in Excel. The CHOOSE Function is used to choose a value from a list based on it’s position number in Excel.

  • index_num – A number indicating the index of the value to choose. It must be a number between 1 and 254, or a formula or reference to a cell containing a number between 1 and 254.
  • value1 – The first value from which to choose. This argument can be numbers, cell references, defined names, formulas, functions, or text.
  • value2 – [optional] The second value from which to choose.

Let’s understand CHOOSE function with a simple example. We have a table contains the faculty names in an institution in column B along with unique index in column A. Here we will use CHOOSE function to find the faculty name corresponding to the specific index provided in the index_num argument of the CHOOSE function. Here we have used the CHOOSE function in cell E1 as follows.


Here cell reference A8 has been provided as index_num argument and the cell references B2 to B14 have been provided as the list from which the value for the supplied index to be chosen. Here CHOOSE function found the value “Sue Woodford” in cell B8 corresponds to the index 7 in cell A8. 

Note :

  • If index_num is out of range, CHOOSE returns the #VALUE! Error.
  • If index_num is a fraction, it is truncated to the lowest integer before being used.

You can also check here to understand how the CHOOSE function works in Google Sheet.

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